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How's Your Heart?

God cares deeply about this.  There are many important questions to ask in life but that one should certainly make the top ten.  Why? Because it is out of the heart that all the decisions of the inner life are directed.  As we know from God’s Word we can know God’s Word academically and not have a heart that is tender toward what He actually cares about.  People can have an occupation that is for people but not actually care about people at all.  It is relatively easy to have a divided heart.  On the one hand we care about certain things that God cares about but on the other hand we’re really only interested in what we care about.  Our heart can get hard.  When we cannot rejoice with those that rejoice and weep with those that weep we better do a heart checkup.   We can become cynical, sarcastic, suspicious or aloof.  A heart that is well-ordered is one that loves God and loves others.  A well-ordered heart cares about the glory of God’s name, the expansion of His Kingdom and is eager to do His will.  A well-ordered heart is content, dependent, alert and prayerful.  A well-ordered heart can flex with changing circumstances to meet the needs of others and the “call” of God.  Generally, our outer life is a reflection of our inner life and our inner life is what happens in our heart.  Our text for this week, (Matthew 21:23-32), has a very subtle underlying theme about this matter.  You won’t really see it until verse 32 and even then it is hard to spot.  It is rooted in the word translated “relent” in the NKJV.  Jesus pointed out to the leaders of false religion that their hearts were so hard that they couldn’t rejoice and “relent” even when transformed lives were right before their eyes.  They were so hung up on their own agenda, they couldn’t see the greater work of God in the lives of their fellow human beings.  God’s mission in this world is to redeem people and restore them to His image.  He is committed to this for His glory and the good of all who will submit to His good reign.  Can you rejoice when you see progress in others?  Do you delight to hear that people have repented and have faith?  Have you had a conversation with someone recently that made you say “WOW” about the grace of God and His ability to change people’s lives?  How’s your heart?


We believe God has placed us here to glorify Him by “making disciples”of Jesus Christ.  In other words, we invite you to join us in becoming His apprentices. Our process is summarized in four descriptive words.

  • Worship:  A lifestyle of love and devotion to God.
  • Connect:  A lifestyle of love and commitment to others.
  • Grow:       A lifestyle that is producing the likeness of Jesus Christ.
  • Serve:      A lifestyle of service for Christ within the body and in our community.